Hi, I'm Carlin Comm :)

According to my Twitter Profile, I'm a... "Author, Creative Genius, Renaissance Man, Adventure Motorcycle Dude, Tech Support, Wanderererer." what ever that means! This site has links to some of the books I've written, as well as some upcoming book projects. Feel free to look around, there's lots here! Thanks for visiting!

Desert Storm Diaries - Letters from Home

AMTRAK, Twitter, and Urban Camping - Reducing your travel costs!

"Either write something worth reading
or do something worth writing."
Benjamin Franklin

New Books for 2014 - Coming Soon!

Little Red Welder - What Can One Person Do? - Childrens Book

Gray Helos - Childrens Book

Invisible Heros - Leave No One Behind

Mars Diaries - Personal Accounts of the First Mars Settlers

Other Projects

Hurricane Katrina - Survivors Stories Video

Mr. Clark "Put" Putman - Piper Comanche Video Series

Feel free to email me at carlin.comm@gmail.com or use the address at the bottom of this page. And if we've met on the road please tell me where we met! There have already been so many wonderful people!

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Thanks for visiting!